So you want to have an event in Lunt Basement or James House…

Lunt Basement and James House are both PUBLIC spaces. You cannot hold a party in a public space. An event is a planned public or social occasion in which the focus is on art or music.

Music/Arts in Lunt or James House: If you plan to have alcohol present at your event in Lunt or James House, see this page for info. Please note that you may not collect money
for admission or at an event where alcohol is being served. Events with alcohol are only open to members of the tri-college community.

Sound: All requests MUST be made at least 7 days before your event. Do you have any sound needs? If so, please let Mike Elias ( know ASAP.

Lighting: In Lunt Basement, we have an in-house lighting system that will be operated by a member of Tech Crew. Will that be sufficient? Will you need any addition lighting? Again, let Mike Elias ( know.

Food: To order food from Campus Catering, please be in touch with Bruce Levine ( as soon as possible. Bruce is able to help you with everything from light refreshments to a BIG dinner. All food served at events must be provided by the College unless you receive permission from Bruce.

Set-up and Clean-up: As the event organizer, you’ll be responsible for set-up and clean-up of the space. Please leave the space in the same (or better!) condition you found it.

Guidelines that MUST be followed:

Only members of the tri-college community and invited guests (relatives, close personal friends, and registered prospective students) may attend events at Haverford College. Each Tri-Co student may bring up to but not more than three (3) guests. In order to obtain
admission to such activities, Haverford, Bryn Mawr and Swarthmore students must present their I.D. If a Tri-Co student brings a guest to a social event, s/he must:

  1. Leave their I.D. number, name, and name of their guest with the checker, or identify their guest as a guest and have that guest’s State I.D. be recorded on the I.D. card reader, whichever of the two processes is being used for that event.
  2. Accompany the guest throughout the duration of the event. Students bringing guests to events will be held accountable for the behavior of their guests. If damage results from a guest’s behavior, the student host will be held financially responsible.

We expect students who host events in Lunt Basement will utilize the services of the Quaker Bouncers (QBs: — roaming to ensure safety of event participants and at the door to restrict admission to only those who are allowed.

As the event coordinator, you are the person responsible for the event and those in attendance, and should ensure that all of the guidelines found in the Alcohol Policy, the Honor Code, the Constitution of the Students’ Association, and the Event Rules and Regulations section of the Students’ Guide are followed.