So you want to have a party in Gummere Basement, Barclay Common Room (First Floor), the various Houses, the Haverford College Apartment Basements, or any residential space capable of holding a group of 50 or more…

* Please note that Lunt Basement has a different set of policies and if interested in hosting an event there you should read the event guidelines and contact the Student Activities Office.*

Download the checklist for hosting a party in HCA #19 basement *

If you are going to throw a party in a space that fits in the above classification, send an e-mail to the relevant Dorm Resource Person ASKING PERMISSION to reserve the space. Dorm Resource People are elected at the beginning of each semester. By e-mailing the Dorm Resource Person you will be reserving the space and the possibility of double booking the space will be avoided. It will be the Dorm Resource Person’s responsibility to inform the residents of the Dorm what’s happening during the weekend. The Dorm Resource Person will also send an e-mail to the Director of Safety and Security and the Assistant Director of Facilities Management.

If you want to hold a party before the elections occur, then it is the responsibility of the host to adhere to these guidelines as closely as possible. You must email the Officer of Campus Life Saumya Varma ( to ask permission to reserve the space and notify the residents of the dorm. The Officer of Campus life will send the e-mail to the Director of Safety and Security and the Assisant Director of Facilities Management.

The e-mail addresses for the Director of Safety and Security (Tom King) and the Assisant Director of Facilities Management (William Anderko) are: and

The E-mail should include:

  • Party Hosts: These are the people throwing the party, the people that will serve as the contact person for Quaker Bouncers/Security (if there is an issue) and the people who are ultimately responsible for everything that goes on at the party. If there is alcohol present at the party designate one person as the “sober host.”
  • Location: Where is it going to be?
  • Time: When does the party start? When does the party end? The party hosts are responsible for shutting down the party.
  • How many people do you expect to attend?
  • Will you be having Quaker Bouncers? While they are not mandatory, the answer should always be yes. They’re free and friendly and prevent high school students from sneaking into your party. They can also serve as an additional sober presence if anything should get out of hand. Quaker Bouncers are trained, responsible, and have equipment that ordinary students don’t have access to. If for some reason you don’t want Quaker Bouncers, please at least explain why. Remember that Quaker Bouncers are there to help, but it is the ultimately Party Hosts who are responsible for the party and making sure that it adheres to the Alcohol Policy, the Honor Code, and this Party Policy.

The time and place of the party will be passed on to the Director of Safety and Security (Tom King) and the Assistant Director of Facilities Management (William Anderko) either by the Dorm Resource Person or the Party Hosts, if a Dorm Resource Person has not yet been elected. It makes Security’s job easier if they know when, where, and how many parties will be happening on a given weekend.

Keep in mind that YOU are responsible for everything that happens at your party, including the safety & well-being of your guests as well as making sure that it is a safe party environment.

If you choose to serve alcohol, refer to the Alcohol Policy for a reminder of the relevant responsibilities. If you choose to serve mixed drinks, please post the ingredients. In addition, try to serve consistent servings of the drink, and even posting the proof or ratio of alcohol to mixer can make drinking a safer experience for everyone.

If you are serving alcohol, please consider having at least one non-alcoholic beverage for people who don’t or can’t drink. JSAAPP can help provide funding for food and non-alcoholic beverages. The reimbursement form can be found elsewhere on the JSAAPP website.

As outlined in the Alcohol Policy, alcoholic beverages must remain within a designated private space. Please remind guests to honor this request for their safety and out of respect for the entire Haverford community. For your protection, alcohol may only be served inside.

If alcohol will be served, do NOT advertise it in any way – as per the Alcohol Policy.

Remember that clean-up is always the responsibility of the party hosts. You can email William Anderko ( minimum of 3 to 5 days in advance to arrange for the following:

  • Trash/recycle cans and liners
  • Dust mop or broom/dust pan
  • Mops and buckets
  • Cleaning chemicals (for restrooms in the event of an accident)

Please remember that YOU are responsible for clean-up as well as any damage done to the party space, not Housekeeping. Clean-up must also be done the night of the party. Don’t leave a mess for other students or staff to find the next morning.

All parties should be limited to Tri-Co students and their invited guests. If the party is advertised in any way, make sure it is explicitly stated that the event is limited to Tri-Co students and their guests. Check IDs at the door (or have Quaker Bouncers there to take care of this!) to ensure that only invited Tri-Co students and their guests are present. Having students from outside the Tri-Co community (especially those from local high schools) at the party presents legal issues for both you and the College.